ANGUS-HUGHES is a space for contemporary curation. We provide a space for curators to present group exhibitions and to create dialogue about or through art. We aim to be a forward-looking place of opportunity and innovation, with an evolving and always different art programme, without bias or preference for trends, style, form or specific artists.

As well as inviting curators to submit curatorial proposals, we accept and encourage submissions from curators we have not worked with previously, as well as from artists who wish to curate, perhaps for the first time. All proposals are considered entirely on merit and potential.

We provide free space, support, promotion, and installation assistance to successful applicants. As well as facilitation we also provide curatorial consultation as much, or as little as is needed by the curator, who sets the pace and is trusted and given free reign to realise their vision in the space.

We also provide space for education and discussion, through regular talks and critical sessions. We open our doors to organisations or individuals who provide art education and feedback and the general public has free access to talks, screenings, performances and events which shed light on developments and directions in contemporary art. We also work with schools and universities, providing education and work experience to art students at sixth form, degree, or graduate level. We are increasingly engaging with local schools to organise exhibition visits, lectures and work experience.

All of our work is non-profit.

Proposal submissions
Click here if you wish to find out about submitting a proposal for a curated exhibition.

To apply for a volunteer internship, please email mail@angus-hughes.com with a brief covering letter and CV. We currently have the following positions open:

Schools Liaison Officer: Liaise with local schools and youth organisations to extend contemporary art education outside the classroom and into the gallery.

Gallery Internship: Invigilation and help with installations and breakdowns of exhibitions.

ANGUS-HUGHES was founded as a non-profit space for curation by artist/curator William Angus-Hughes in 2010. The gallery is run by a board of trustees and a team of volunteers.

Chairman: William Angus-Hughes
Raffael Pulido
Enrico Carouso
Steve Fletcher

Director: Iavor Lubomirov
Team Leader: Anna Bleeker
Project Managers:
Alessandra Falbo
Sao Mangrai
Samantha Wolf